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Feared computer crime law goes into effect


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On 5/25/2017 at 2:35 PM, Moonmoon said:

There do not need to be a government spy. maybe someone that holds a grudge or is jealous of you or eyeing your fortune, is enough to do damage to you.

Always be mindful who you speak to about politics and taboo matters in this country.

Like my/your ex-girlfriend?  Trust me, it's better to rent than it is to own.

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On 5/25/2017 at 9:56 PM, Emster23 said:

I am going on the record here to say:

1. I love the PM, the military, the police, the justice system, the men and women we entrust to guide us on pathway to true democracy

2. I support the removal of elected government by the military at any time for any reason. They are the true guardians of democracy

3. Thailand has the most dedicated, hard working public servants whose only goal is to return happiness to each and every one

4. If I ever posted something that may seem counter to above statements, it was merely to encourage others to pause and think for a moment, to reflect on why my statements were wrong, thus spreading appreciation of the wonders of a culture that never will be matched

Thank you

Next, Thailand will enact a law banning sarcasm.

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3 hours ago, Father Fintan Stack said:

I am too busy taking photos of motorbikes on the pavement and reporting them to the Police to collect my 2,500thb rewards. 


Seriously though, it is getting very close to the time to leave permanently. 


What a difference the last 30 years have been, glad I was here when the totalitarian elements were kept relatively in check.


That, unfortunately is no longer the case, and I am not sticking around to see the whole house of cards fall down. 

And do you think the grass is greener elsewhere? Do you believe other countries have not gone downhill in the last 30 years? Pray tell me in which countries you consider are as low cost and offer a better standard of lifestyle with higher levels of freedom with more stable governments than Thailand AND WHY? Or in-fact can anyone answer these questions, because I would love to know.

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On 2017-5-26 at 1:18 AM, cyberfarang said:

The simple solution is; be cautious with everything you, post, say and do online, including what we post here on TV. (Don`t trust it), because Big Brother is watching and listening in.


It is only too easy to trip up and jeopardise our freedoms by our actions online for many things that we may consider are trivial, which can get us into a whole lot of trouble.  Contrary to the popular beliefs of many that our identities can be hidden online, is a myth.


Right - TV would have to turn us in to the authorities if ordered to. This would be easy to do as they keep a record of the IP address from which each post is sent.


Better we keep our thoughts to ourselves from now on if they could be construed as the least bit controversial. 

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12 hours ago, cyberfarang said:

Do you mean you were forced here against your will or just enjoy criticising the country as an outsider looking in? 

yes, wife works  here my choice was Madeira,, your "enjoy" part isnt necessary, I criticise Thailand.

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