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HONDA CRV (new 2017)

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The old 2.4l engine is carried over to the new model with some small tweeks from last year. Any info on that engine with regards to reliability, performance and especially gas mileage would be appreciated.

Also any reviews on the new CRV if anyone has driven it yet (especially with the new diesel 1.6l turbo engine. Thanks in advance.

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The K24 is quite an old engine. It should be reliable and you can expect about 8km/l in town driving and up to 12km/l for expressway. It's disappointing Honda decided not to sell 1.5 turbo version which our neighbors Malaysia and Indonesia is getting. I would suggest to go for the 1.6 diesel model.

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Is it a 1.6 Diesel ?. Sounds totally underpowered if so .

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It's a turbo diesel with 160hp and 350Nm of torque. Suv don't need lots of hp but torque is important. I wished they brought the 1.5 turbo here. It's as powerful as the 2.4 NA and much more fuel efficient.
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