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Four injured as van rams at wild elephant trying to cross road


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Four injured as van rams at wild elephant trying to cross road




Four people were injured after a passenger van they were traveling in hit a wild elephant trying to cross a road in a wildlife sanctuary area in Non Dindaeng district of Buriram Saturday.


The incident happened on the Buriram-Ta Phraya road before dawn today.


One of the injured passenger said the chartered van was rented to take them from Chanthaburi to Mukdaharn on a merit-making trip.


While the van was running on the road, a wild elephant emerged from the roadside bush instantly and ran across the road.


The instant appearance caused the driver to unable to stop the vehicle in time.


Full story: http://englishnews.thaipbs.or.th/four-injure-van-rams-wild-elephant-trying-cross-road/


-- © Copyright Thai PBS 2017-06-04


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I hope they find the injured elephant (it's in the full report).

From the damage to the van I am afraid the beast will not survive.


If it's not an elephant it's a cow.

Happened to me on the motorbike.

Out of nothing (bushes) this cow tramples on the road.

Fortunately I could stop in time.

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