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Kbank International Transfer of THB

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I have an account with a currency broker so get very good exchange rates compared to commercial bank rates with no fees.


I locked in a transfer rate to exchange THB to GBP but need to get the THB to a UK account which I was surprised at, I had assumed the broker would have a Thai based account so the transfer would be local.


When I looked at my Kbanking online I can add international bank accounts for transfers but the currency option is basically anything other than Thai. I must pay the account in THB and not have Kbank do any exchange rates etc.


Anyone know how I do this online? And what the fee by kbank for a straight international transfer is in THB?



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Reading that gave me a headache.

Have no idea as to what you are trying to do. Exchange Thai baht to Pounds to place in a UK bank account? 

https://www.kasikornbank.com/en/rate/Pages/Foreign-Exchange.aspx  TT sell rate currently 44.35 baht for every Pound, though Kasikorn claim to use the Spot Rate, so check beforehand.



Of course you transfer in Pounds and not Thai baht. Costs are 500 baht to K Bank and whatever your UK bank(and Correspondent Bank if there is one. Check beforehand if K Bank have a relationship with the bank to which you intend to transfer in the UK because if there is an intermediate bank, they will add their fee too)


Alternatively, you can pay 1200 baht to cover fees on both sides. But this is for when you are paying someone abroad and you need them to receive an exact amount.


Which broker do you use?

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