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Why do so many lights turn on with a delay?


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The light in my room used to have a 3 second delay, now it's about 2 minutes. I notice it's quite common for lights in Thai buildings to turn on slowly. Why is that?

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2 minutes!!

That's terrible.


Can you give some idea what kind of lights you use?

Are you referring to tubes with dedicated starter?

Tube and/or starter defect/end of lifetime?

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It's a ceiling mounted flourescent, long style. The light went out yesterday and was replaced. It works again but has this long delay now. I'll talk to the landlord soon but first I want to have an idea why these things happen. The one positive thing is it's in the bedroom where it doesn't actually matter that much if the light comes on slowly (plus I have other lights there)

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With a conventional starter such tubes should start with some flickering within a "couple" of seconds.

Change means that "only" the tubes were replaced?

If they have dedicated starters change them too. 15 Baht a piece.

If that does not help then the real problem search starts :tongue:


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7 hours ago, Hal65 said:

Yes just the tube. Ok I will look into these starters you speak of!


It looks like this :-




Usually plugged in to the side of the fitting, turn counter-clockwise to remove.

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