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terrace tile colour and heat


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Am about to make a tiled terrace outside the NE part of my house.  About 60 M2 for now and a 4x8 pool later when money permits.  I see some matt Cotto tiles that look the business.  Really grippy and look OK.  Question is.  They come in light beige or medium red/teak brown.  Any thoughts on whether the slightly darker will significantly increase the heat  produced by the terrace?  No trees or shade except that there is a 1 meter roof overhang to the south and east.  L shaped single story house.  Thanks 

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Before having our roof tiled I got a few samples from the lightest grey & a couple steps darker, and one of the common red roof tiles. We were after minimal heat absorption in the attic. Left them in direct sunlight for a couple hours and hit them with the infer-red gun. There was about 7-9 degrees Fahrenheit difference in the greys, the red was substantially hotter. To much time has passed & I can't recall exact numbers but even the lightest grey was pretty hot to touch. This was done during the cool season in the north.

We put a white textured stone type tile in our front entry way (only gets morning sun). They look great & never hot but they appear to show any kind of dirt quickly. 

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I put sandstone coping round pool top and in full sun is hot to walk on barefoot.


For the decking we got light grey tiles from Thai Whasidu. In full sun are comfortable to walk on barefoot and non-slip when wet and easy to clean.





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