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Transport Ministry defends the use of Section 44 to speed up train project


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14 hours ago, smutcakes said:

I believe if something goes wrong with this project, be it deaths from negligent or non existence safety procedures, mass corruption, abandoned half finished project, not financially viable on completion etc etc that the people at the top will be willing to accept personal liability, both financially or any other means for their use of section 44 in circumventing the current laws to push this project.


Laws are presumably there for a reason, to try and minimize the aforementioned problems. Removing these laws in order to push the project through could have long negative (or positive) repercussion for Thailand. What is the point in even having the laws if they can be bypassed.

I assume that as they've already said that can not be held accountable for anything they do, they wont need to accept responsibility for anything if it goes wrong.  If something does go wrong, they will probably find a way to pin it Thaksin.

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10 hours ago, MrPatrickThai said:

I agree,  and the present government are doing a great job not abusing it. Most people are happy with the government, it's a shame only bad things are reported by news media.

What methodology did you employ when conducting your opinion poll?

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3 hours ago, MrPatrickThai said:

No poll, just personal observations. Having lived here most of my life, I have many Thai friends and listen to what they say.

I too have lived here most of my life and have many Thai friends, all of whom would totally disagree with your comment... and no, they are not red shirts.   So many TV members love to speak on behalf of the Thai people.

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