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  1. According to their website you can both receive and send documents, but as I'm not French and don't have a social security number or password I can't go further - but this website (autotranslated into English) says you can do it. Hello, I still haven't received my 2021 life certificate! I had the same problem in 2020, who should I do? - With Answer(s) (agirc-arrco.fr)
  2. 1. Go to website www.info-retraite.fr 2. Click on " J'accede a mon compte retraite" I enrol for my retirement account (top right on the welcome page) 3. Click on "Creer mon compte retraite" - create my account" (lower on the right) 4. Complete the form Supply your personal information - name, forename, social security number, then click on "Etape suivante" on the bottom of the form on the right Create your password, then click on "Creer mon compte retraite" at the bottom of the form on the right. Your account has been created! You can from now on submit yo
  3. Is that $22 for 3 months + $10 for phone calls? Seems quite expensive. I use Skype to phone the UK, but just preload the app with £10, and the calls are very cheap, not much more than 50p for, say, 20 minutes. - and are people able to phone you on the UK number?
  4. I don't know, but perhaps in the official mind it's based on the touchingly naive assumption that if you're in the UK you're there legally and therefore extensive checks aren't necessary, whereas the great wide world contains legions of frauds and forgers who could construct bogus claims based on a minimum of information. I used to read stories of the huge quantity of National Insurance Numbers which have been issued and are now unaccounted for.
  5. I wonder if it's possible to find out the route by which mail arrives in Thailand from the UK, and how many sorting locations there are between the arrival point and Banchang. If stuff just keeps coming in and is dumped on top of what is already there, our missing mail must be at the bottom of a huge pile.
  6. Yet another visit to Banchang Post Office yesterday, nothing awaiting delivery. So I've had to cancel a credit card I've never seen and get HSBC to send another one to a bank branch for collection by my son, and he can DHL it to me. Now I don't trust the Post Office at all. If there really is no accumulated unsorted mail at Banchang there must be a sorting centre somewhere (Lakhsi?) with mounds of the stuff. So if it gets too much do they just throw it away? Or is anything which looks like it might contain useful items such as bank cards being sifted out for potential misuse? Five or more
  7. The section you quote is for EEA nationals to exercise their right of free movement to any other EEA country except their own and to take a Family Member with them. So if you are Dutch and travelling to your own country, that section does not apply. Your wife would need to apply for a Schengen visa as a visitor to the Netherlands.
  8. I thought it is the MFA that issues the COE, not individual embassies. Try this:- https://coethailand.mfa.go.th/
  9. Notice 143: a guide for international post users - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)
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