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SETV / METV in South Korea

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I'm planning a trip to South Korea (probably Seoul) at the end of this year.

I'm German and currently i have a METV valid until November. At first i was thinking i go before it expires and then next year get a SETV from Vietiane to continue my stay in Thailand.

But i just checked the visa requirements for Seoul http://www.thaiembassy.org/seoul/contents/files/services-20180723-205426-427158.pdf

And it seems that i could even get a new METV there? Then it would be more comfortable to wait until my current visa expires before i go

Did anybody recently get a SETV or METV in Seoul and can share his experience? Any problems?

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That PDF document states this "- Copy of Alien Registration Card (ARC) / Evidence of occupation" which appears to be proof of residency in Korea.

The may of changed their requirements since I have seen reports of people getting single entry tourist visas there but never one for a METV.

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