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Available in most big hardware outlets.  I bought some last year from Thai Watsadu in Udon so imagine most branches have it.  Used to make activated EM so if they dont understand what you want ask for EM, usually on same shelf.  May need to check if food grade (if thats what you want).

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Some years back while in Penang I bought some for a friend because she couldn't get any. I thought at the time it was strange with Thailand being such a huge producer of sugar...


Thailand's sugar exports from 2009/2010 to 2017/2018 (in million metric tons)






Iran exported 31,230 tons of molasses to Thailand in June, which is a record monthly high since 2010, registering an eightfold increase compared with the previous month.




During the prohibition it was a sought after commodity for producing moonshine but these days, with the refining technology we now have, virtually all the sugar is extracted and what is left is used as animal feed. Pigs for sure and perhaps why all the pork over here is overly fatty lol






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