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UK State Pension - Life Certificate Form


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Has anyone received one of these ?


You have 16 weeks to reply, it has taken 3 weeks from date of letter to arrive here ( Thailand ) !

The life certificate will be checked after we ( Pensions Service ) receive it at the International Pension Centre !    My dealings in the past with them have taken weeks to get a reply, what happens if it goes past the 16 weeks before they ( Pensions Service ) check it out ?     Never got them to acknowledge receipt of documents before.


If you had have one of these forms did you find a suitable witness ? 

They ( the witness ) has to sign that they have seen photographic proof of who you are e.g. passport and, there is a box for the "Official Stamp of Witness".


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I have had 2 in 6 years I get a doctor to sign mine, and just sent them back ordinary post.

I also remember thread that said an Official Stamp is not needed.

The IPC are very helpful if you ring them.

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