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Thai police warn public: Be careful what you share - jail time awaits


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3 hours ago, watcharacters said:


Totally relaxed here.    I can't adequately express how little  I care one way or the other how you feel about it.

Not tongue in cheek!


Each to their own I s'pose.   I bet your an absolute riot at a party:passifier:

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6 minutes ago, Whyamiandwhatamidoinghere said:

So if a story is shared that has false elements (fake news) and you are fined and thrown in the slammer and it later gets retracted, as in many news stories in Thailand and around the world, then what??

I usually block people that share stuff they haven't originated.

Sharing is for the brain dead sheeple.


Post your own photos and thoughts.

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On 9/10/2018 at 4:29 PM, joebrown said:

Be careful, because what I'm about to say maybe fake information....... I believe the wings are for passing a parachute jumping course. Whether that involves actually jumping from a plane/helicopter at a height of more than 3 metre  is anyone's guess.

Thank you JB...  I'll buy that!!!

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Information and stimulation, buy it's very nature, will be subjective. 



The contemporary adage, EVERYTHING YOU KNOW IS WRONG rings so true.

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At the moment I thought that Thailand was being ruled by the Military, and therefore

really does not have what we would consider to be a government. I will not use the

word dictator something as that was Robert Mugabe stuff, and maybe Idi Amin.

   I will wait for the next elected government before I expect anything to improve.


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