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BMW’s self-driving motorcycle can recognize turns and brake on its own

Jonathan Fairfield

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Obviously this is all interesting. But I wonder if all this extra technology is really what we need.


I had cars and bikes without ABS and never had a problem. I like many other people, learned to brake without ABS.

Recently I drove with a guy with a new car with lots of technology and he told me how wonderful all works automatic. Then he wanted to demonstrate this to me and he waited for his car to brake automatically. His car didn't break and he made an emergency break in the last second.

But I guess this was no problem for him because he drives cars since forever and he knows when it's really time to break.


But I wonder how new drivers behave if they grew up with ABS and lots of other new technologies. They never learn how to break without ABS. They rely more and more on technology. And if the technology does not work anymore I am sure many won't be able to drive the car or bike without it.

Recently there was an accident with one of those self driving cars. The car didn't recognize a person on a bicycle (with lots of bags). In about the last second the car's automatic gave control back to the driver. I think that is crazy. A driver who does not have to do anything for a long time will be hard pressed to put full attention to an emergency situation within a second.


Obviously it's interesting that technology starts to do all these things. But I am not so sure how this should work with people together.

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Never mind all that PR flim-flam. Is the saddle big enough for five - two adults, a couple of kids and a babe-in-arms - and does it have wi-fi so they can take selfies?

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Would make the ride boring...


Sime people have have issues using new technology 


friend of mine bought a new 74 Monte Carlo with cruise control. He turned in on just before he arrived home. Didn'tknow how to stop it and ran into his mobile home. .... uh uh brake brake 

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41 minutes ago, transam said:

I wonder if it has Thai road user behaviour fix software as an add on extra...?

I don't think any programmer will be able to simulate and predict such behavior.

I guess a couple of random generators might help for the simulator, but not with the prediction...

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