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Where has all the decaf gone?


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I am not allowed coffee for health reasons. Fair enough.


For the last 6 years I have been buying 200 gram jars of Moccona decaf coffee. I used to be able to get Tesco home brand decaf as well.


I have been to all the outlets that I can think of in Pattaya - BigC, Tesco, Tops, Foodland, Makro etc... over the last few months.


It is nowhere to be seen.


I haven't tried Robinsons yet.


Any ideas. I would be quite happy to drive somewhere and stock up on it if you know where I can get this.


Thanks for you help.

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Decaf ground coffee is available at Foodland, but it is expensive.


Only suggestion I would have is maybe the store in Basement of Central. Other than that, Siam Paragon food market in BKK if you are looking for a particular brand of instant.

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Thinkingman - thanks for the reply. I tried downstairs in Central - well I asked a friend of mine to look when he went there. It is a Tops I think?


I did not see the decaf ground coffee in Foodland - I could have a look at that. Get a coffee m/c as well and make it more of an 'event' when I have a cuppa.


daocat555 - thanks for that. I never think of buying stuff at Lazada. I don't know why not - I prefer wandering into shops I suppose? Lazada certainly has what I want - so thanks again,


edit - I just noticed Lazada has decaf Tea, hmm... for an Englishman

like me - that could be just what I really need !!!




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