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Looking for expert tiler


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I am looking for an expert tiler preferably Chiangmai area for tiling the outside of a building.

The building is about 5m height x 15m and I am using large format tiles 1200x600mm.


Due to the format size and required accuracy it takes on average 1 hour to fit one tile.

I am happy to pay on a daily rate and it takes as long as it takes - quality is the most important thing.

It would suite someone with either tiling experience, or good at cement rendering as the tiles need to be accurately back buttered to achieve the correct coverage.


I am using the ToolsMaster T-lock Leveling system and attempting to achieve 95% ANSII standard adhesive coverage.

I was working along side two workers and achieving very good results before they had to leave.

So far about 25% of the tiling is done.


Any recommendations or Ferang Tilers out there?


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