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AND AGAIN, a bangkok bank bank fraud. bangkok bank employee empty the bank account of depositors, and gets only...fired !! she had to be jailed on the spot

for stealing, even robbing, but still walks free....this reminds me of a case that happaned to me. i left my luggage in one hotel's luggage keeping room. some time later the whole luggage room was empty, and all the luggage there looted, propably by hotel employees. i went to the police to complain, and after "investigation" police told me, in quite a rude way, that they can't do anything cause it is "between me and the hotel".

now the question is, if it was me who steal from the hotel, would it still be just "between me and the hotel"?

if it was a bank customer who steal from the bank, would he just get "fired" from the bank?

seems like the police is there to protect the rich, and not the small bank / hotel customer.

beware bangkok bank, not the first time customers lose their deposits there...




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The bank’s head office in Bangkok would also soon take legal action against the employee, on the charge of stealing from the employer, the police officer said quoting the same branch manager.

So your presumption that the employee walks free is most likely incorrect.

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1 hour ago, Wallander4 said:

Agree but careful its not too hot a topic for this forum like when TRUE steals deposits from costumers

Anyone know how to stop the unwanted SMSs they use to drain a prepaid-balance?  After it gets crazy, I call and they stop it for awhile - but, slowly, it begins again.


As to bank-robbery - there was an Australian who tried a heist awhile back, so he could fund a longer-stay in Thailand.  The police noted he would get to stay in Thailand "a long time," as a result.  I wonder how he is doing in prison.

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