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I got a shock yesterday. I am thinking of coming to Thailand for a year next year so was investigating where I could source Jardiance. I went to the hospital opposite Ekkamai BTS. Yes they have it but....it is 132baht a tablet. Blimey, how expensive is that? Will have to have a chat to my GP and try and stock up if I decide to come for a year.

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Yes, it is an imported brand name drug so very expensive here. And it cannot be bought over the counter so in addition to the med cost you'll have to pay for a doctor consultation at each refill. Hospital pharmacies do not sell meds directly only dispense for hospital patients.


When you talk to your GP you might ask about the possibility of reverting to an older, less expensive drug like metformin. Lifestyle measures (diet, exercise) may make that more possible.


Aside from this drug you need to consider hiw you will pay for other health care while here including possibility of a major accident or catastrophic illness (heart attack, stroke etc). As a diabetic you will not be able to get regular health insurance. A single hospitaluzation for something really major can cost as much as 4-5 million baht at a private hospital, 1-2 million at a government hospital.


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