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Marriage Visa in Hong Kong

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I am on a  retirement extension and want to change to Marriage visa as I am bored out of my mind and want to work  for a small company (already have the  offer etc.) but don't want to go the non-imm B route.  I can't renew/change my extension since I don't have the funds in my account for  the seasoning requirement as I was out of the country (emergency family stuff) when it had to be deposited.


I looked on the embassy page for Hong Kong but  there was no mention if they issue Non-O marriage visas there.  I know they do in Savannakhet but I really can't stand the thought of 2 days in Sav. again (seems like 2 weeks).


Does  anybody know if HK issues Non-O marriage?



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3 hours ago, candoman89 said:

Does  anybody know if HK issues Non-O marriage?

I don’t know the answer, but I expect they would issue a single entry non ‘O’ if you had the right paperwork; that might include money in the bank. I can’t find any recent reports anywhere.


Unless you’re going to HK for other reasons it would probably better to go to Vientiane (Single entry only) or Savannahket (Single or multiple entry).


The website is next to useless!

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I believe Hong Kong will, but both Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi are known to if, as I fully understand, you want to avoid Savannakhet. If you go to Hong Kong, and they do not issue multiple Non O for marriage, I am pretty sure (like Vientiane) they would give you a single.

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