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Posting To Australia Large Item Help !


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i have been asked by a nephew in Australia to send him back his box of items he bought while here in Thailand .

The package is 180cm x60x60 but not sure if Thailand Post will allow to send such a large item.

Has anyone got any guide to show the limits many thanks ..

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There is a pinned topic at the top of this forum with useful Thai Post Office information, including contact details to get the info you need "from the horses mouth" both telephone and email address.



From the Thai post website: https://www.thailandpost.co.th/un/article_detail/product/548/61


Terms and conditions
  • Weight (total weight) weighing from 20-200 kgs./item
  • Maximum dimensions (Width x Length x Height) Not over 150 x 150 x 200 cm.





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1 hour ago, malt25 said:

That's a pretty BIG package. You thought of breaking it down to 2 or 3 smaller cartons ?

I had but he has lots of long items along with some 1 piece snooker cues so unless i go Mr Bean on all his stuff and cut them all down i have no choice .

Not wanting to mess with it all to be honest he is back at songkran so i might get him to do it when hes next over thanks.

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