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77 year old Swedish tourist rescued at Patong Beach


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77 year old Swedish tourist rescued at Patong Beach – VIDEO

By Kritsada Mueanhawong




PHOTOS/VIDEO: Patong Lifeguard


Lifeguards at Patong Beach rescued a 77 year old Swedish male tourist from drowning after he lost consciousness whilst in the water.


Lifeguards pulled the Swedish tourist, Berlin Goran, out of the water after he passed out whilst swimming at the beach.


Head of Patong lifeguard Somprasong Sangchart says, “We saw other swimmers wave their hands and call for help after they saw Mr Goran fainting face down into the water. We rushed in to retrieve him, he was about 40 metres off shore.


Full story: https://thethaiger.com/news/phuket/77-year-old-swedish-tourist-rescued-at-patong-beach-video

-- © Copyright The Thaiger 2019-01-16
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Good to hear about a negative event turning positive instead of the other way around.

Well done to the Lifeguards and to the authorities who appointed them.

Hope Mr Goran is OK and fully recovers...AND gets fully checked out because even at 77 one shouldn't just faint - probably some underlying cause of which he's unaware.

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