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Urgent : Court petition to push for turning Bangkok into pollution-control zone


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Urgent : Court petition to push for turning Bangkok into pollution-control zone

By The Nation



Photo : Rachanon Intharagsa


Environment activist Srisuwan Janya will file a petition with the Administrative Court to have the prime minister, the national environment panel and the Bangkok governor declare the capital as a pollution-control zone. 


This petition will be an urgent measure to battle against the persistent smog that has blanketed most of the city for several days now, he said.


Turning Bangkok into a pollution-control zone will enable concerned authorities to immediately enforce regulations and extend help to the public, he said. 


Srisuwan is scheduled to file the petition at 10.30am on Thursday.


The environmentalist, who is president of the Stop Global Warming Association, said pollution problems have occurred several times before but the authorities have ignored them, resulting in millions of people suffering from respiratory diseases. 


Citing reports from the Kasikorn Research Centre, he also pointed out that the pollution will cost the country more than Bt2.6 billion. 


Bangkok has been engulfed in smog caused by PM2.5 dust particles for the past several days, and Srisuwan said the premier, the national environment agency and the Bangkok governor should be held responsible. 


He said they should use the power granted to them by law to protect the health of all Bangkokians. “If nothing is done to tackle this problem, people’s lives, their health and even their assets are at risk. Hence, the premier should order relevant state agencies to take immediate action to solve the problem,” he added. 


Source: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/national/30362370

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ITs a nice try... I'm glad he's doing it to press the issue...


But the courts here arent going order the govt to do snything that isnt absolutely, directly required by law.


And even then....


Thailand needs better laws snd tougher standards for air pollution.


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