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Do you believe in God and why

ivor bigun

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3 minutes ago, villagefarang said:

Hellllll No????

I enjoy your photographs..and quite looked forward to discussing 'panentheism' as a way of viewing the world....all cameras being-by their very nature-pantheistic or panentheistic in their "framing" of the world.


But,alas,you probably don't read Homer either.

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14 minutes ago, baboon said:

Not a believer myself, but good luck to those who derive comfort and succour from their religion - Providing they are not ramming it down my throat, that is.


Good idea for what could be a fascinating thread, by the way.

I don't think it will be a fascinating thread..just the usual..


Back to reading Yugal Noah Harari or Jared Diamond for that.


Peter Watson is very good too-but a synthesist...;'Ideas: A History of Thought From Fire to Freud'

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