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Looking for second hand camera shop NIKON only

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Hi everyone

I will be on vacation next july in Bangkok, Nakhon Ratchasima, Pattaya and Khon Kaen. Does anyone know second hand shops where I could find Nikon second hand digital cameras and lenses? Nikon only please.

Thanks by advance.


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www.avcamera.com/index.php/used.  Gives you an idea of some used prices here.


Excellent professional camera shop in Bangkok that I have bought several used lenses from. Saphan Thaksin skytrain, exit left and walk a few hundred yards and it is about the 3rd shop in the Soi before Robinsons department store. Their used list is updated pretty much daily, for Nikon as you can see they normally have more lenses than cameras. 


Your best bet is to go to Mega Plaza, 4th floor Chinatown which is one complete floor of used equipment, many exclusively Nikon, I will confidently predict you will find what you sre looking for there. MRT to Hua lamphong main train station, easiest to get a taxi from there to the Plaza, likely 10 minutes and around the 100 baht mark. You could spend a good couple of hours checking the stock in those shops.


Let us know how you get on



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10 hours ago, kinyara said:

Your best bet is to go to Mega Plaza


Let us know how you get on




Thanks for help. That reminds me I used to buy Kodachrome films packages in Yaowarat. 20 years ago... it  looks Middle Ages in term of photography equipments...😉

I will be already in Yaowarat for tourism and food bought purposes, so it will be easy to have a look at Mega Plaza. I will give news of it.

Best regards.


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On this line in this site : Thaivisa


Second hand equipment shopping in Bangkok


The member Khaeng Mak wrote on february 2 this year:


Hey Guys.  I have a huge kit of nikon stuff, camera, lenses, speed lights, remote triggers, filters....all in brand new condition.  PM me if you want the details and some photos.  I am selling cheap. "



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Hi Fred

So great to see that you'll be in PATTAYA on holidays. so fun so good


Can i help you ? yes i think, today i saw so big discount at Big Camera T21, more than 20%


Ready for a drink near walking street and we'll go T21 


See you 

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