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Chaiyaphum Immigration

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I am not in Chaiyaphum but gave the info to a mate who lives in C.

He was not aware yet.

They have not updated info on the net.


On Facebook there is a new "map" for the location and some detail:






“Chaiyaphum Immigration” We are Moving
Announce We move out Chaiyaphum Immigration move into the new office that located beside the Chaiyaphum police station and opposite the Aomsin Bank that will be showed the address in the map below the announcement.The new address of Chaiyaphum Immigration office will be 331/1ก,Haruethai Rd,Nai Mueang,Mueang,Chaiyaphum 36000.


ติดต่อสอบถามโทร 044-056411


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Does anyone please have an up to date address for the Chaiyaphum Immigration Office?  The address above above is still showing on google maps.  However I have seen an address near the Rajabhat University and there is something on Facebook which says.....At this time, Chaiyaphum immigration office moves to the temporary office at No.176, Village No.10, Chaiyaphum-Tadton Road, Na Fai Subdistrict, Mueang District, Chaiyaphum Province. (Opposite Choraka Resort). It is opened since 4 October 2021 onwards.   Which I cannot see the link or map as I am not on Facebook.

Does anyone know the true whereabouts?



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The announcement is from October 6.

Temporary move to the (then) flood situation.

Flooding should surely have receeded?

On the other hand the topic is still pinned?

Maybe just the usual neglicence.

Website and all else points to the address in the city.


But I have no (more) contacts in Ch., so if you want to 100.0% sure you have to call them.


The Rajabhat address is a thing of the past.


The FB site:


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