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The future of Phi Phi's Maya Bay - may open for "limited" tourism again in 2021


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The future of Phi Phi's Maya Bay - may open for "limited" tourism again in 2021



Image: Thai Rath


Thai Rath reported that the Tourism Department of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports had set up a 25 person committee to look into all aspects of the possible re-opening of Maya Bay on Phi Phi island. 


The iconic Krabi location was closed temporarily in mid-2018 then for a more permanent period on May 6th this year.


With a time frame of 2 years set for the bay to recover from over-tourism and ecological damage the National Parks of Thailand expected the area to be open to tourists once again in May 2021. 


Officials are being cautious about confirming the re-opening date saying that many matters need to be considered not least of all the main question:


Has the bay and beach recovered yet? 


Among items high up on the agenda is whether to install a floating jetty and what to do about the walkways in the area. 


Thai Rath quoted an official as saying that there was a proposal to introduce an "E-ticket" system to limit the number of tourist visitors. 



The location of a jetty was also being considered: Should it be built on Maya Bay itself or Loh Sama Bay behind Maya.


The official said that the public understand both the need to close the bay and that future tourism to the area must be controlled properly to protect the eco-system. 


Source: Thai Rath



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