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Friends and neighbors disbelief that son capable of murdering and dismembering mum


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Friends and neighbors disbelief that son capable of murdering and dismembering mum



Thai caption: Neighbor doesn't believe he cut up his mum himself


Thai media continued to explore every angle in the grisly death of a 42 year old woman who was found cut into five pieces and put in the refrigerator at a house she shared with her son in Bang Khun Thian, south west Bangkok. 


Police said her son - Sira or "Guy" aged 20 - murdered her alone and they have most of the evidence to prove it. 


He shot himself in the head following the discovery of the body parts of his mother Yuree in the fridge. 


Sanook reported that a neighbor doubts the police version of events suggesting that they did not believe that the son had acted alone. 


The neighbor said they saw a friend of the victim and Guy talking casually with plainclothes police outside the house.


Later a shot rang out and the neighbor was only aware of what had happened when they saw the news. 


The neighbor - who was not identified - said that a group of motorcycle taxi riders who were normally chatting in the area had not been seen since the murder. And at night dogs were barking unusually causing everyone in the area to stay in their houses in fear. 



Picture: Daily News


Daily News went to Guy's funeral at Wat Laksi in northern Bangkok where friends of the dead university undergraduate also expressed their amazement and disbelief about what he had allegedly done. 


One said that he was a likeable person who was always messing about like any of their friends but never caused anyone any trouble. 


They said they knew he had gone to hospital but thought nothing of it. 


They admitted he had spoken about arguing with his mother and ending his life but it seemed just like what any young person might say and not really mean it.


If the evidence pointed to his guilt then they would have to accept it, said the friend. 


Yesterday media talked to the victim's mother in Sukhothai who was in shock and disbelief. She had expected a visit from her daughter and grandson at New Year. She was under the impression that they got on fine.


Police say CCTV points to the fact that no one but the son and mother were in the house. 


Tha Kham police said that results of a full autopsy will be out in four to five days. 


Sources: Daily News | Sanook




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I can't imagine doing this to any human being never mind one's mother. Clearly there was something seriously wrong with the son .

A tragedy for all involved. RIP to the woman, my heart goes out to the grandmother who has to live with this for the remaining of her life.

PS: in these situations the jokes are inappropriate and insensitive.

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