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How can I find out if I am divorced?


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8 minutes ago, SoSoCNX said:


She will file for a diverse as soon as she find new easy ATM.

Forget it, try some medical marijuana to kill the pain

Good Luck to You.


Theres nothing wrong with a bit of diversity

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9 hours ago, Pat83 said:

Its my damn burial.  She has all of the legal rights to make decisions about what happens to my BODY right now when I die.   That is what is freaking out my relatives.

you are Separated; therefore would have made up a new Will; a new Living Will; nominate new Executor(s) to your 'Estate'; new Powers Of Attorney All Empowering, not just Financial, and Medical


she is out of your life 


I waited for all of 4 years, then did the simplest possible Divorce, based on Abandonment. 

( Who's to know who abandoned who!! unless you offer the clues yourself )


She went... you don't know where she is, no address etc

Divorce can be done easily, not even need to waste anything on a lawyer


Who is going to be silly enough to go the effort of telling her you have passed??  as she's sure to be tracking you, through your living forum contributions


Disappear off Facebook etc, 


I am just speaking from experience


My Ex still doesn't know she's Divorced, and it was done back in 2000


This has a natural fringe benefit, in saving the next poor falang blighter from ever being able to be tricked into marrying her, because she still thinks she is married!! 


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I think you should go to a local atty skilled in immigration matters and ask this and only this,"Am I legally married in the USA?"  I think the answer is no.  Just marking some forms that you are married doesn't really do it.  You would have needed to get everything filed at the US embassy and gone thru homeland security screening etc.  In the event the atty says you are married ask about the abandonment divorce law in your local.  In some areas of the US just swearing you do not know the location of your foreign wife and filing a 90 day paper is all you do to get a divorce.  Did it myself in Chicago Cook County just two years ago.

Lastly, she will never get into the USA under any circumstances and will never bother you again.  Go to a good therapist or hypnotist with the goal of forgetting she ever existed.  It will help you a lot with your medical problems.

Best of Luck.  I am divorced from my thai mistake wife by abandonment and in remission from cancer so their is hope. 

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9 hours ago, Golden Triangle said:

I wish you well with your health and really hope that you get remission or even cured from what ails you.


I wouldn't worry at all about this woman, I just can't see her pursuing you all the way to the US to get her hands on none existent cash or other assets, did she clear you out of everything you had at the beginning of your relationship ? An honest question I think. And where were you married / meet her ? I want to avoid the place like the plague. I was also of the belief that divorces were pretty quick and inexpensive, turn up at the Amphur office, pay 500 Baht and the jobs done, although it might require both parties to attend.


Could you also explain this term ?, Praiya Suriya con artist, thanks & good luck for the future mate.


Oh, you are uninitiated then!  You are going to have some fun with this.  Seriously, even as cold hearted as this stuff is, and as brutal as the consequences of this behavior was for me, even I had some laughs:



Here's the facebook:




This was in my "wife's" likes and her friends page.  On all of her four facebook accounts.  Happy times, friends.  Laughs on me.  😉

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