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US cuts $817 million in trade preferences for Thailand under GSP


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3 hours ago, John Drake said:


The embassy is a relic of the Vietnam and Cold Wars, when Thailand was the only accessible country in SE Asia. Training? Peanuts. And I would never share anything with the Thais, because they simply pass whatever they learn or get from the US directly to China. Downgrade the embassy. Sell the land. The British did, and that was a smart thing to do. Relocate the US embassy to the third floor of some unused condo building.

I think we are on the same page but sadly the U.S. isn't which what really matters isn't it!  Look at the plans for the biggest Embassy of them all in Chiang Mai.

When it comes to the British whether many want to except or not the " Great " has gone long time ago and when they have to regulate themselves to answering question on T.V. I'm surprise they even decided to move to the 3rd floor.


From Brits I know here they have abandon them long time ago by thinking they can cut off cost of living increases to their citizens who choose to live abroad and yet speak of a Global economy then even deny health care.

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