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Chiang Rai: Seven year old boy found dead in banana plantation - father says it's murder


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Chiang Rai: Seven year old boy found dead in banana plantation - father says it's murder



Picture: Sanook


A seven year old boy has been found apparently murdered in a banana plantation after he went missing on Saturday.


Bobby suffered wounds to the body and head and was found 2.5 kms from his house in Wiang Chiang Rung district.


His father Songwut lived with his son and two other children at their house. He told reporters he has split up with Bobby's mother who was also the mother of his eldest daughter. He remarried and had a four year old son with his new wife and they all lived happily. 


A boy called Kai (an assumed name) aged 16 was in charge of looking after the children while the parents went out to work. 


He had left them when he went out to buy a battery. 


The victim's elder sister said she heard cries when she was cleaning up in the kitchen. 


Then Bobby was missing. The four year old was unable to say who had taken him. 


A hoe was found near the body along with a pair of school shoes and a broken child's toy. 


 A footprint from a school shoe was found.


Local police are interviewing people in the area including the phu yai ban. 


The father believes his son was murdered and will not bury the body according to tradition until the case is solved. 


Source: Sanook



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How terrible, so sad and tragic. A moment of lapse in supervision and the result will haunt all involved forever. Think of how that older child feels after leaving that little boy? Must be beside himself! I hope they catch the sicko that did that. Brings up rage and the desire for same same punishment in me.

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