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Journalists barred from filming or recording police investigations


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Effective from now, journalists are barred from filming or recording criminal cases that are still under investigation by police.

The directive was issued on Friday by the General Commissariat of National Police to municipal and provincial police that journalists are prohibited from filming or recording police investigations on criminal activities such as surveillance, monitoring and identifying the suspects, their locations, or while on a crime scene in the country.


Lieutenant General Sar Theth, Chief of Phnom Penh Municipal Police, said this is to allow police to perform their duties or tasks without interference or obstruction from journalists. He added the police need to effectively monitor and investigate all criminal cases, especially those related to criminal security, drugs, human trafficking, immigration, and illegal gambling in cities and provinces so as to crack down on the perpetrators and their operational locations.


read more https://www.khmertimeskh.com/50806487/journalists-barred-from-filming-or-recording-police-investigations/


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Surprised this post isn't closed like so many are.    I'm sure USA police would love a rule like this.  They just don't turn on body cams. 

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