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British Citizen Opening of a UK Bank Account while Living in Thailand

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I am a British citizen living permanently in Thailand (Thai Elite PE Visa) and have accounts and Credit Cards with Bangkok Bank in Thailand since 2004.


I recieve pensions from the UK and from Norway and I pay tax to both Thailand and Norway (because of tax agreement almost tax free).


No tax is paid to the UK as my UK pensions are below the tax free threshhold.


I am in the process of looking for a holiday home in the UK and I need to open a UK Bank Account in order to facilitate buying a property, buying a car, living in the UK and paying bills, etc.


Can anybody advise if I can I open a UK Bank Account when living in Thailand and if yes how can I do this from Thailand.


I have sent an email today to Bangkok Bank in London asking if I can open an account in London.


Many thanks in advance

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The Bangkok Bank in London is a commercial bank and doesn't operate personal accounts.


There have been a number of threads on this subject, some very recent.


This thread is still active Really need a UK Bank-account/


I'll close this thread, please continue your quest for an account in the long running thread.


I opened an account with Santander in the Isle of Man from Thailand, I believe that TransferWise have a multi currency account which allows Stering to be paid into it, but it doesn't currently issue debit cards on the account, where as Santander does, and will send here.


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