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Inverter generator, revisited. POLO brand P2250iS


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Inverter generator, revisited.  POLO brand P2250iS


I posted a question about inverter generators and welding equipment a while ago and here is an up date.


I bought a Stellar welder for about 1000 Baht and it seems to work OK.  I chose it over others at that price because it came with longer cables and a guarantee.  I also bought a helmet with solar auto darkening lens recommended by a member.  What a good recommendation!  You can see what you are doing with the eye protection only as sunglasses the as soon as you strike an arc they go black.  just great.  Thanks.  Sorry, I have misplaced all of that thread so I don't know the names of who helped with what.  Thank you, however.


The Generator...  I found out about this Polo generator and bought one.  It works just great.  My power tools that have a big draw on startup run without a problem.  Big disc grinder and cutoff saw, for example.  I tried it with the welder and it worked to strike an arc and run a bead for a number of seconds but then overloaded and the breaker switched off.  I reset the breaker and it was all OK to provide power again.  I have not tried out the 12v or USB ports but assume they will function.  This unit comes with a 1 year guarantee and I am told the wholesaler is a reputable outfit.  This generator seems to be the business and I recommend it without hesitation.


I bought mine from  Ruangsangthai in Buriram  (burirambuildersmerchants.com).  [email protected]  FAO Bob or Moses although any email in English or other non Thai language will go through to them by default.  They have a foreign customer sales department and English, German etc. languages are spoken.  Store phone is 061 028 9292 (English).  They have a lazada service and will ship anything you order on line or on the phone. 


They will honour the Polo guarantee and repair in house or seek a solution from the wholesaler.  I got a very good price that was a reasonable markup on their cost.   My price was in the low(ish) teens 1000's but then I am a regular customer and I picked it up.  Speak to Bob and get a price and shipping costs. 


Here are a couple of pics.   It is as solid as it looks.


Thanks very much for comments when I ask questions.  It is often very helpful.



Polo gen IMG_20210130_092051854_HDR_edited.jpg

polo gen IMG_20210130_092143759_HDR_edited.jpg

polo IMG_20210130_092030544_HDR_edited.jpg

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It idles when just sitting there and powers up when the tool is started.  It has an economy switch.  I have not used it much except to try and to see if it would work with the high draw tools.  There are descriptions about what inverter generators are and how they work on youtube.  This one is 1.8 or 2 kw.  You can see on the sticker and also it weighs only 18kg which is important to me.  It is clearly a quality product and the wholesaler is client satisfaction orientated, so I am told.

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