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Expat medical insurance


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any suggestions of insurance companies to use for medical insurance.


I’m 50 years old in good health.


What kind of price range high and low  would I be looking at?


I guess the sky is the limit for how high.


Something for adequate cover.


I’m guessing once your here your better off insuring yourself from within Thailand?

many thanks.


chrs Pete 

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Moved to the Insurance forum.


No need to wait until you are and no need tio get a Thai-based policy. There are many excxellent international policies designed specifically for exapts.


it is best to go through a broker with experience in expat health insurance. AA Brokers in Thailabnd is very good and you can do it all by email. Thety will helpo you compare options and help afterwards with any issues during claims.




At 50, with no  significant pre-existing conditions, you have a very large range of options.


It is almost never worthwhile to get outpatient cover for Thailand, the increase in premium far outweighs what you might save in cost and outpatient care here is very affordable. However do make sure that the inpatient-only policy covers day surgeries/procedure,  outpatient dialysis and cancer care (most do). Some inpatient only policies will also cover outpatient care related to a hospitalization (before and after) which is nice but not essential.


Some other points to look at:


- direct payment arrangement with Thai hospitals

- guarantee of lifetime renewal

- premiums not increased based on claims history (this rules out any Thai-based policy) - especially important if you plan on growing old here, less so if your stay will be temporary

- the geographical coverage offered, many policies will cover you in other countries as well (common options are: worldwide (expensive), worldwide excluding the US, and worldwide with a few other exclusions. There are also Asia-specific policies).



It is also worth looking at what premiums will look like at later ages, al insurers raise rates with age but some more steeply than others - again, mainly an issue if you plan in growing old here


Ideally you want a policy that will cover private rooms, some do nto and the problem is that some of the private hospitals here offer only private rooms


You need a minimum cover of  3-5 million baht per event or, if the limit is annual, 10-15 million. Internationally issued policies will easily meet this but many Thai based policies do not.


At age 50, you can get a good policy for under USD$2,000 a year.  that will go up to about $3,000 a year in your 60's and $4,000+ once over 70. Many policies offer deductible options which will lower premium rates.







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