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American With Thai Birth Certificate

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Long story short: I was born in Thailand in 1990 and was given a legitimate Thai birth certificate. My family moved from Thailand to the US before my second birthday. I received my American citizenship when I was around 10 years old. My question is, am I still a Thai citizen? If not, then will I qualify to apply for my Thai citizenship without having to physically live in the Thailand? I am looking to apply for a dual citizenship and have exhausted my search. 
 Thank you

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You do not have to apply for Thai nationality since you are Thai from birth.

If you have a Thai birth certificate issued here in Thailand you can be registered in a house book and get a Thai ID card. It would be best if you could be find a member of the family to get registered in their house book.


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My daughter was  born in Thailand and currently lives in the us and holds BOTH Thai and American citizenship and passport


Since u were born thai. ur thai

once u acquired american citizenship that made you a dual national


You can apply for ur passport at the thai embassy in DC or at a consulate or if/when u travel to Thailand





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