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Police hope distinctive handwriting will lead to capture of armed robber who stole 80,000 baht from Chiang Rai bank

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Staff were left shaken after a lone robber stole around 80,000 baht from a branch of Bangkok Bank at Lotus in Chiang Khong, Chiang Rai in the north of Thailand yesterday. 


But police hope that a hand written note that the robber handed over will help to nail him. 


Dressed in black and grey with a cap and surgical mask, the tall and patently experienced robber handed over a note in Thai to the counter staff, reported Daily News


It said in Thai (translated to English): "This is a robbery. Be quiet I've got a gun. Put money in the bag. Quickly".


Staff complied then called the cops as the robber calmly walked out of the branch.


It appeared that he had had a gun under his clothing.


Local police chief Pol Col Chaiyuth Chimplee said that the robber's movements were caught on CCTV from the moment he arrived at the store to his movements in the bank.


They hope that this along with the distinctive handwriting in the note will help to identify him. 


-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2021-06-14
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2 hours ago, smiggley said:

It was to be expected, it is now against the law to walk into a bank without wearing a mask.

But you are required to remove your hat.

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22 hours ago, ripstanley said:

But you are required to remove your hat.

Tis only polite to tip the hat, I tried to explain to mrs rubba they had taken her birthday bash cash to no avail.

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I thought that success was normally assured in such ventures by creating the note from letters cut out of a newspaper and stuck to the paper?


Maybe the robber did not have one of those glue stick things from 7/11.


Poor planning and preparation...

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