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More than a quarter of large factories fail online appraisal

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By Erich Parpart


More than a quarter of large factories that have completed an online evaluation did not pass the standard for mandatory measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19, the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) said on Wednesday.


Of the 2,239 large factories, defined as any with more than 200 workers, that have joined the government’s Thai Stop Covid Plus platform, 656 fell short, according to an online check by authorities.


The measures included temperature screening, check-in and check-out systems, social distancing, crowding prevention, as well as cleanliness across shared facilities, touch points, shared transportation and living facilities.


Full story: https://www.thaienquirer.com/28616/more-than-a-quarter-of-large-factories-fail-online-appraisal/


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Interestinging no mention of desperate illegal foreign factory/hotel workers living in dorms who like the construction sites plantations have no chance to social distance.

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This is where the Covid Outbreak is really going to hurt the Country.

The National policy of not testing, the extremely lax procedures from Companies that are intent on pursuing profits over the health and safety of their Employees, and those within the immediate vicinity of the Factories.

And now a projection that the Indian variant ( Delta ) will become the the most prominent Variant within the Country within the next couple of Months or so.

Any Government that is even half capable, would have said months ago " With no Tourists, our Economy is in ruins. We therefore have to protect the rest of the economy as best we are able from Covid to ensure some kind of revenue stream "

Exports from these Factories are a massive amount of GDP for the Nation, and to be blind sided in the manner by a Virus because of what can only be called the Incompetence of those with their hands on the steering wheel, is unforgivable.

Thailand aint seen nothing yet, if they think that they are having a cash Crisis due to the lack of Tourists.

If Covid really gets a hold in the Factories we are looking at a complete meltdown.


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