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Covid pushes Thai Boxing to the edge

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Muay Thai or Boxing has not survived the repercussions of the Covid pandemic, given that the spread of the pandemic in Thailand is still out of control, and some gyms have announced their suspension, which negatively affected players who depend on boxing to meet their needs and financial obligations, as most of them came from low-income families and have no other source of income.


The promoter of the sport in Thailand, Pariyakorn Ratanasuban, the promoter of Thailand, stated that there had been no help or support from the government or any organizations at all, with most of the gyms’ owners and promoters have been running only one business as well, adding that Thai boxing might not be able to hold on any longer if the lockdown continues and that could be an end of the martial art of Thailand.



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3 hours ago, Jonathan Fairfield said:

an end of the martial art of Thailand.

Doubt it, as long as MMA lives so will the demand for Muay Thai training. Still, tough for the low income guys. What would worry me is where they go next. Muay Thai is a release for pent up aggression, like it has to go somewhere.

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Max Muay Thai has bitten the dust; no shows for about one or two months.  I think Muay Thai will survive as there is no shortage of foreigners learning the art here in Thailand.

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