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Hello, in front of my house, there is a rice field, but in raining season, it becomes a  lake ( 100 m x 100 m about ) , 1 meter or more  deep; one of the villager has a boat and goes fishing, so I tought, "why not me ? " ( not for fishing, just for fun, fishing maybe later ) 

so, I bought to Lazada an inflatable boat, brand " Intime" ; it seems good, and I intend to use it about one month a year, till water goes

two questions ; can I leave it under the sun ( when it's sunny , of course ) , and how to clean it , to store it  ? do you have any advice to give ? thank you 

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I would not leave  it under the sun, the ultravuilet rays and the heat will degrade it quickly as it's likely not UV resistant plastic like a water tank or outdooor fencing. As to cleaning, a mild soap and bleach solution would be best, mild enough not to hurt bare hands but enough to kill any mold from forming. I wouls stor it under a tarp of some sort at least, Big-C sells a nice tarp for about 400 baht that I use to cover an outdoor storage box with my garden tools, good quality.

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1 hour ago, 2long said:

Nice idea!
May I ask for a picture of your boat? I am thinking of similar, in canals.

it's this one !

เรือคายัค เรือตกปลา เรือเป่าลมแบบ 3 ที่นั่ง New Era | Lazada.co.th


I tried it this morning, good impression ; water is very dirty, some seaweeds, deeper than I thougt, but nice experience

thanks to tonray for his good advices !

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