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Rescue boat capsizes in Chao Praya - captain manages to escape


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Picture: Daily News


Daily News reported that a second boat had capsized in the Chao Phraya River near the site of the first at Wat Phanan Chaoeng in Ayutthaya.


A couple - aged 64 and 51 - went down with a tug in the first incident and a search operation was underway to locate them trapped inside.


Another tug had delivered diving equipment and was going back when it too got caught in flood waters and overturned.


Captain Manop, 56, managed to get to the safety of the river bank. 


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" got caught in flood waters and overturned "  !!!! the mind boggles ???  Tugs, boats, ships are all supposed to float with positive stability under normal circumstances and have proven stability data !!    Seems like these tugs have non of the aforementioned and were probably constructed in some ones backyard !!   I don't see any Classification marks on these tugs/river boats thus no set standards .   Lack of standards, training and seamanship - what does one expect ?   

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