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Smuggled from China to Cambodia: A survivors story


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Xiao Li (pseudonym) never thought that an online recruitment advertisement would lead to the the darkest and longest months in his life.

One day after the Spring Festival in 2021, Xiao Li, who was in his early 20s and waiting for work at home, was thinking about finding suitable job opportunities online. A job advertisement on a city’s website aroused his interest: “A group recruits high-paying typists, customer service specialists and other positions. The job is located in Guangxi. After the job, the board and lodging company are all inclusive. In addition to the basic salary, there are monthly performance bonuses and commissions.”


The company’s treatment is good, and there are no requirements for work experience and academic qualifications. Although the work location is far away from home, Xiao Li feels it is worth a try, so he booked a high-speed rail ticket to Nanning, Guangxi. “After I arrived in Nanning, the company arranged for me to stay in a hotel for two days, and then said to drive me to the company to apply for a job. There were several other young people in the car who didn’t know each other.”


read more https://www.khmertimeskh.com/50945948/smuggled-from-china-to-cambodia-a-survivors-story/

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