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Overseas flight transit from BKK for Phuket Sandbox


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I noticed that Thai Airways is showing flights out of BKK as part of the flights into Phuket for the Sandbox.  Is this a mistake or can you fly into BKK and transit out to Phuket for the sandbox?  A friend is leaving from the west coast of the US in early NOV and is going to do the Sandbox despite possible changes at that time and is confused on flights he can take.  Thanks in advance.

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On 10/3/2021 at 10:22 PM, richard_smith237 said:

Many of the Thai Airways flights from International destinations to Bangkok are actually stopping in Phuket first because due to the Sandbox Phuket has the greatest demand. 


Thus, Thai Airways flights out of Phuket may well be part of this routing.



Currently - there is no option to fly into either of the Bangkok Airports and transit to a domestic flight to enter Phuket under the Sandbox Scheme. 


Simply put: Any flight into Phuket if entering the Sandbox needs to be direct. 


That is the situation as it currently stands - in November Bangkok opens up and will probably accept International arrivals without quarantine, but perhaps with similar ’sandbox’ type restrictions (unknown at this point). 


As most flights will then return to Bangkok instead of Phuket there may be some scope for domestic transfers on to Phuket. 


So much is unknown and unclear at the moment - when purchasing flights make sure they are refundable. 



$750 for 35 hour flight or $550 for 46 hour flight west coast to east coast then dubia with like a 9 hour layover


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