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Dtac and Roaming

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Hi, Maybe someone can assist me here.


I've been living Thai just shy of 9 years


I will likely need to get back to Aus for some time next year (yes, many things can change.)


My query is regarding roaming phones. I certainly intend to keep my Thai phone number.


Naturally I will arrange a Aus phone when I can.


I have searched Dtac sites but only get generic mumbo-jumbo. No straight forward answers supplied.


So........if I am overseas, can I switch my roaming on and off when required to keep costs to a minimum or is it a daily fee?

Banking and family are the reasons I would need roaming.





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You are pre-paid with DTAC?


If so, top up to 365 days before you leave and make arrangements to top-up while outside of Thailand.


There is no fee to enable/use international roaming (IR). You'll pay normal international roaming fees. Just remember to disable mobile data (in the phone, and with DTAC).  https://www.dtac.co.th/en/roaming/rate/aus/


Enable dtac prepaid internet
Direct Number (USSD)*104*71#

IVR*1004 Press 9 Press 7


Disable dtac prepaid internet
Direct Number (USSD)*104*72#

IVR*1004 Press 9 Press 7





Download and install DTAC Call app. This allows you to use WiFi, instead of IR, at domestic rates.  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=th.co.dtac.wificalling


Install and register for the DTAC app.  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=th.co.crie.tron2.android


Make sure the banks have the current mobile phone number.





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