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Plumber’s snake


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No, not a snake in the plumbing, although it might be more common! Any suggestions where I could buy a good quality drain cleaning tool? I see, and have bought crappy little ones in Thailand, but no idea where to find one closer to what a real plumber would use. Thanks for any suggestions. Please don’t say internet without a link or screenshot, yes, I have heard of the internet.

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Bought a hand cranked one from HomePro, cleaned hair clogs out of the showers with ease has a reach of about 3 meters

Bought a long co-axial one from ToolPro to pull wires through some conduit, also worked great. This one was about 10 meters.

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1 hour ago, jonwilly said:

I use Mr Muscle to clean out my drains, shower mainly about once per month.


Have never seen that on the shelf at supermarket -- is that a homepro type product? Anyway, must be septic tank safe -- used Drano back in the states, but that would be too caustic here, even if available.

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