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The unvaccinated are said to account for the majority of the 2,431 COVID-19-related deaths so far.


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With the Ministry of Health announcing the death of another 13 people from COVID-19-related complications, word has spread across the country that the majority of those who have succumbed to the deadly virus are the unvaccinated – those who have yet to receive the COVID-19 vaccines that could have saved their lives.

The first death in Cambodia from COVID-19 occurred on March 11, while the first immunization against the virus occurred on February 20.


Because of the vacationing hundreds of thousands over the three days, Cambodia's daily case load has dropped significantly and faces the prospect of a sudden surge after the end of the Pchum Ben holidays, which ends today, there is a very real possibility of a spike despite the very high number of vaccinations.


The government has been gradually bringing down the number of cases by resorting back to the time tested and more accurate PCR tests to determine whether an asymptomatic person is positive or negative, as shocking images of crowded beach fronts, eco tourist spots, and other popular tourism areas have sent shockwaves across health officials nationwide. They feared this situation and are concerned about the spike in the number of cases, which the government has been bringing down gradually and through resorting back to the time tested and more accurate PCR tests to determine whether.


Cambodia has been reporting COVID-19 mortality in the high 20s and high tens, and while the number of cases identified positive has decreased, the number of deaths has not, despite the huge number of people who have been vaccinated relative to those who have not.


Because the number of unvaccinated people is small, and many of them are elderly, every effort must be made to locate and vaccinate them if they are found to be eligible; otherwise, the death rate will continue to rise, as the Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2 is quickly becoming the dominant variant of the novel coronavirus in Cambodia.


Vaccinate the unvaccinated, as while progressing at warp speed, the unvaccinated population has slowed to a crawl, as the number of people vaccinated daily has plummeted dramatically, and vaccinating less than one percent of the population has become a significant struggle.

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Over the last year, the majority of people were still unvaxxed and where the definition of "vaccinated" is "14 days after a second vaccination", so even those with two shots are statistically labelled by those who control the flow of information as "unvaccinated."  It's disingenuous.
My guess is that in time, those who don't have the third or fourth or Nth booster will be considered as "unvaccinated."  This will become important in the near future for narrative management when most countries, for example Israel, have a high percentage of their population's double-jabbed, and yet the number of 'break-through cases skyrockets.  Then the 'experts' will proclaim that double-jabbed are "unvaccinated" as well as those tripled-jabbed less than 14 days before exhibiting Covid symptoms....and, "Golly gee-whiz", there is an epidemic of the "unvaccinated." 
That is how the canard will be kept rolling.
Then people wonder why there is mistrust of "experts", especially government 'experts' at least by those of us with functioning analytical abilities and a background in life sciences.

"There are lies, da*m lies, and Statistics."
- Attributed to Mark Twain and often used by my university statistics professor who was a bloody genius

Juked Stats are a form of disinformation and are used exactly for that purpose as the average plebeian on the street isn't trained or have the depth of STEM education to see through the facade.
With 84% of the population vaccinated, then the numbers of Covid cases should plummet drastically.  Want to see reality?  - Watch over the long-term - 2 to 5 years. 
If they work as well as we are told by the vaccine manufacturers, we will see.
If they don't as work as well as we are told by the vaccine manufacturers, we will see.

It's a game of waiting.  Think on the bright side.  Those 10 or 15% who don't get shots will become the control group that the vaccine manufactures don't have in their studies.  Hey - maybe that entire lot dies out!
Or not.

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