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I have been trying for over a week now to transfer myself some money from banks in Australia.


I have an account with wise and have logged on and sent the small amount of funds that were already sitting there to my Thai account with Kasikorn.  No problems.  Wise system sent me sms to my phone and that was that.


I now need to link my Commonwealth Net bank account to to Wise.  I log in and enter the details to add my wise account as a new payee and then of course i have to click to send me an SMS the the code to my phone.


Before commenting please note the following:


1. My SIM here in Thailand is with True H.  The number is already registered with my bank back in Oz including the +66 country code for Thailand.  I haven't transfered any money for a year or so but everything is the same as before and I could easily get the code to my phone.


2. I can see on the Netbank page that it is confirming that the sms has been sent and to my correct number including the 66 country code. But nothing ever arrives at this end.


3. The reception for the phone is fine (realme C3) and I have already tested and received incoming SMS from the offshore Wise system and from Kasiskorn and from a couple of my friends here.  No problem receiving any of these messages.


4. I called True and ask them to help they asked me what the incoming number was.  How the hell would I know it is generated from the Net bank website.


5. I have triple checked my phone to make sure there is no blacklisting or blocking in error issues.  I have rebooted my phone.


6. I have been waiting now 24hrs for True to get back to me...


7. Everyone I know in Australia is in bed now but tomorrow I will try to get someone to send my an SMS.  If I received that ok then it would appear the problem is the banks SMS system....


I am at wits end here trying to get this resolved.  Any one got any helpful suggestions?

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Do you have and Australian mobile number registered with Netbank?


I use a Netbank debit card and Australian mobile number and funds arrive almost instantly, after more than one transfer no more sms codes required from Netbank. Have been sending money this way for over 2 years with Wise


I u

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CBA stopped sending me SMS's and now as a default sends a code to the Netbank App though I can still request a SMS


Maybe download the app on your phone then test by changing some details like PIN etc. for which you will need an OTP

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Ok guys thanks very much for getting back to me.


The number registered in my account is my Thai mobile which I have had for years.  When netbank says it has sent the message it displays the number.  Some of it is obscured by xxxx but I can see it is the correct number and that the country code for thailand is correct.  In any event I have used it before ok and not changed any details in the system since then.


I don't have a debit card.  Only a Mastercard.  The one I have here has expired.  The new one is sent to a post box I have back in Oz that is checked by my accountant.  He sold his business and did not check my box. So I don't have my credit card either.  That is why I need to tx cash.


I don't have an oz sim card.  Been here a long time and no family to provide support back in Oz either.


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I have left a message with someone in Oz via a friend here.  They should send me an SMS from OZ tomorrow.  If I receive that ok then it would appear the problems is from the banks end not the system or my phone.


What interesting is today I tested my phone and got sms fine sent from kasikorn some thai friends and also from the Wise platform (dont know what country that is in but definitley outside of Thailand).


Tomorrow I hope the bank with call me.  I am also waiting on a call back from True.


If I don't get the personal SMS message sent from OZ tomorrow that would seem to indicate the True system is not receiving or is blocking message from the Oz side.



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