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Hashtag trends in Thailand after government demands businesses give back subsidy money


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By Natcha Patanasophon


A new hashtag about the government’s subsidy schemes trended on Thai Twitter Monday morning after entrepreneurs received a refund warrant from the government for not fulfilling all conditions of the schemes.


The hashtag #เรียกคืนเงินจากโครงการรัฐ (Claiming money back from government schemes) was tweeted by internet users more than 365,000 times as of Monday morning to highlight the situation.


Some entrepreneurs woke up this morning to a letter from the Fiscal Policy Office demanding they pay back money they received through government financing schemes aimed at boosting the economy.


Full story: https://www.thaienquirer.com/33795/hashtag-trends-in-thailand-after-government-demands-businesses-give-back-subsidy-money/


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Business owners can't seem to catch a break here...


Wouldn't be surprised if many of them cheated to be able and have some cash coming in to survive during the last year or so. I don't know how I feel about that. It was the government's incompetence that ruined them and the country in general. But still, you have to respect the rules.


Looking forward to more details.

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1 hour ago, Cake Monster said:

A competent Government would have ensured the Business Owners qualified for the payments before any Money was issued to them.

Checks should have been performed through records Offices Etc

Quite often you get paid ahead and later they check if you qualify. In the Netherlands they gave covid support based on estimates from companies and after the period was done the real figures would have to be given to check and see if they were eligible and how much they would get.


So it kinda depends on the scheme and its details if what your saying is true or not.

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In the US, they gave assistance it as a loan that you could use for wages and other business expenses during the period of time your were being affected by COVID shut downs/reduced business.  To get the loan forgiven, you had to submit data that you used it on such business expenses otherwise it has to be paid back over time. 

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