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Covid test results req'd BEFORE arriving at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi AP?

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15 10 2021,  Below it the note from Thai air travel requirements.  I am going to France next week and back again on the 24th, this month.  I have read that one must arrive at the AP with the results of a covid test in hand.  I will be going to a quarantine hotel on my return and will be tested at the AP (?) before the shuttle takes me to the hotel.  I know it says London embassy, below, but it states no test is req'd for entry generally.


'Please note that although a Covid-19 test is currently not required, the Royal Thai Embassy in London recommends that passengers test for COVID-19 before traveling to reduce the risk of exposure or transmission during travel, as well as serving as a preventive measure against the introduction of COVID-19 from foreign countries into Thailand.'  (https://www.thaiairways.com/en_GB/plan/travel_information/travel_requirements.page)


Anybody have any 'real' information?  If it is req'd, what kind of test is acceptable please?  I am going to find it very difficult to get a quick test result for a Sunday morning flight out of Lyon.


HAPPY DAYS!  Thailand is welcoming visitors with open arms!  If any of those idiots in charge think a tourist would willingly go through what I have done getting a COE, insurance, hotel and all the other <deleted> that is req'd to get in to this country they need their heads examined.


Comments most welcome, please&thankyou




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Just got the below, further to above... from: https://www.thaiembassy.com/travel-to-thailand/how-to-travel-to-thailand-in-2021

Step 5 – Obtain COVID-19 test and prepare the documents for your flight

Once you have received your COE, you have to prepare the following documents for your trip to Thailand. You should present these documents to your airline before departure:

  • Certificate of Entry (COE)
  • Valid visa in your passport
  • Declaration Form
  • Medical Certificate with a laboratory result indicating that COVID -19 is not detected. The COVID test must be by the RT-PCR method, taken and conducted within 72 hours before departure. Some airlines do not accept home kit tests so please check specific requirements with the airlines you are traveling with.                                  So which is it?  (sorry for the bold typeface, just copied and pasted)
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What you quote fromn the Thai Airways site is for Thai nationals onl;y.


Foreigners are required to have a COVID test within 72 hours of departure, You will nto be allowed on the plane, let alone into the country, without it.


If your flight leaves on Sunday morning you could get the test on Thursday or Friday and still be within the 72 hour window.

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