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More field hospitals set up, 22 more villages locked down in Pattani as COVID cases surge

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22 more villages in the Sai Buri district of Thailand’s southern border province of Pattani have been locked down and more field hospitals set up to cope with the steady rise in COVID-19 infections.


The villages are located in 9 sub-districts where most of the COVID-19 cases are concentrated. Barricades have been erected at all entrances to and exits from the villages to prevent the unauthorized movement of people.


According to provincial health office, accumulated infections in Sai Buri district have soared to 817 so far, the third highest after Muang and Mayo districts, which have 1,511 and 865 cases respectively.


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Full story: https://www.thaipbsworld.com/more-field-hospitals-set-up-22-more-villages-locked-down-in-pattani-as-covid-cases-surge/


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1 hour ago, internationalism said:

probably proves that there is illegal movement across border and that muslim religious rituals breed infection.

Muslim families are large - the women often have 5+ children - and the families often gather in huge groups. Furthermore, Muslims are very touchy feely and always shake hands, kiss each other's hands, press other's hands against their own face, etc.

Many Muslims aren't vaccinated either, further increasing the infection rate.

It's very easy for the virus to spread in those conditions.

I live in Narathiwat Province, so I try to take care of my health now more than I would elsewhere.

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