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Complicated visa problem with a medical issue - seeking advice!

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Hello TV, long time listener and first time caller! I have a complicated issue I could really use some help with. Please be kind, I am trying to find a solution.


I'm a US citizen who's been living and working in LoS for many years, always legally. Around the end of 2019 I took a new job with a 2 year WP and visa. Then Covid arrived and directly related or not, the new company had financial problems. This dragged on for a long time as many of us opened cases with the Ministry of Labor for non payment. However the company never really went out of business. They never let staff go or canceled any work permits. In fact they kept telling us to just wait, that money was coming and we'd all be payed and brought back. Eventually I started looking for work again but didn't worry too much about the visa because it was still valid for a long time and the situation was ongoing.


Fast forward a bit and I had become really sick. It wasn't Covid, but I was eventually diagnosed with TB. I began the standard 9 month treatment of powerful meds with a Thai doctor. The drugs are really rough and I was incredibly sick for the entire period. Eventually I finished the treatment and the doctor said no more TB, you're done! However I was still sick and it became difficult to breathe. So I went to a specialist who found I still have a non-TB strain of the same illness, which does the same thing TB does to the lungs. Now I'm back on the difficult drugs again, and it is really difficult to breathe without supplemental oxygen. During most of this time I was lucky I didn't have to worry about my visa status. But being sick out of my mind as I've been, I incorrectly calculated the expiration date after such a long period. Now I realize it expired in September. 


This was a shocking realization and is quite unnerving. There's absolutely no way I can fly out of the country, certainly not all the way to the US when I can barely walk or breathe without oxygen. Im aware of extensions for medical reasons, but I've never heard of anyone getting an extension after a visa expired. And yet it's clear I can't fly, the airlines wouldn't even allow it when I can't breathe to stand in a line, and no doctor is going to sign a fit to fly statement like that. If I was somehow forced into that situation, or arrested and thrown in a detention center, it's not paranoid to think I could die.


The preference would be to remain in Thailand under the care of my current doctors, at least temporarily until my health improves and/or travel issues could be resolved easier. I know covid extensions have been given, but my visa has been valid most of this time and I only just realized the error. I'm not sure who can help to resolve a visa issue like this, but if you've heard of anything similar or have any advice that may help I'd really appreciate it.


Thank you!

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I feel for you mate, i also had TB and the medication is awful, the first lot I got after 3 weeks isolation in hospital made me puke, back again for 2 weeks, they changed my meds which had to be taken for 12mth (not 9) the side affects gave me arthritis, my right shoulder was frozen, hot herb bag press and pressure point massage 'ouch, eventually cured it. Sorry but have no help about your visa. not related except years ago i had a tourist visa and needed a letter from the doctor saying i was in to much pain to travel immigration told me to phone them when i was with the doctor who then told the doctor what EXACTLY to write, 2.5 month extension was given.

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