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Positive covid test counts as pre existing condition, and not covered by AXA Thailand?


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Hi there, this forum has been very helpful answering my questions about covid related stuff to go to Thailand. I reached out to axa Thailand about some questions on the insurance policy and got some surprising answers which I'm sharing. If you test positive for covid on arrival, does that count as a pre existing condition(and is not covered)? The messages I received would seem to indicate so.




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What a mess, this is all very confusing and  discouraging for travellers (at least for me).

If I understand it correctly, it's a little bit like playing roulette?

I don't really understand if and in which case you're covered.

Maybe I should read it again!


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Caution ! No European travel insurance pays the hospital stay in a quarantine without symptoms. The reason is that the presence of the virus is not yet a disease.
I asked the Bangkok Hospital what a day of quarantine without symptoms cost.
Here the mail


[email protected]

21.11.2021, 10:35 (vor 3 Tagen)
an mich



Dear Sir/Madam,

In response to your e-mail, please be informed that the cost of inpatient treatment of coronavirus disease vary depending on individual's medical condition.

It may range from 45,000-120,000 THB for asymptomatic patients only. This is excluding ICU accommodation and complication, home medication and follow-up visits. 


* *  Estimated costs are based on some patients treated recently for the same condition. However, treatment varies from specific condition of individual patients. Estimated cost does not include underlying disease,  investigations, special medication and also excludes all unexpected events that may arise during the treatment process.

** Quoted prices are applied to all patients (Thai and non-Thais) according to medical condition.

However, our hospital accommodation for COVID-19 patients may have a limited capacity for admission. If it is necessary for referral, patients may need to be redirected to another facility.

If you should have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Best regards,

Abigail Merla
Email Correspondent
Bangkok Hospital Pattaya
301 Moo 6 Sukhumvit Road KM 143, Naklua
Banglamung, Chonburi 20150, Thailand
Tel: (66) 38 259999 EXT 6062
Fax: (66) 38 259919
Email: [email protected]


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This will be a disaster for Tourism.

I'd imagine a 1$ arrival or departure tax on all would fund this .Come n TAT earn your money.


If Emirates can underwrite all for up to year on a $500 ticket perhaps they should use their broker, oh but the kickbacs.....


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I don't read that last response as a positive COVID test counting as a pre-condition. Just that medical treatment for or as a cause of any pre-conditions, admittedly a gray-area, might/may/will be excluded.


This issue of 'negative test, but close contact with someone who tests positive requiring detention' needs to be addressed by the regime ASAP. All policies I've reviewed (TUNE, AXA, maybe one other) do not cover this expense. They only cover medically necessary treatments. The regime needs to indemnify all ThailandPass customers against this possibility and expense. Or offer insurance.


Props to AZA for being so honest, truthful and forthcoming in those responses. Normally one gets lawyer-babble.






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I'm researching the same topic, trying to figure out whether there's a plan for expats that would cover forced quarantine for asymptomatic positive or those who contacted a person with COVID. 


So far my research yields:


ACS covers only treatment-related hospitalisations (i,e. not quarantine)

Pacific Cross is the same

AIA the same


AXA mentioned over the phone that they'd cover such expence, but the policy wording they sent me says nothing about it (see attached). Their plans seem to be waaay too limited for any practical use and offer a nice 50% discount for a crazy 300,000 THB deductible (which seems more than this insurance would ever pay for any claim).


AIG (offered to _tourists_ along with Emirates tickets) covers $150/day, which is not too bad, but I'm yet to find out whether there's a similar policty for expats 


I guess, we gotta ask local brokers, they may be aware of a specific COVID-plans that cover crazy traps invented by Thai govt to scare off tourists and expats alike.

Smart Care Long Stay Visa (O-A and STV) Brochure and TOB TH+ENG.pdf

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